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About Gratefully Made Designs LLC and Our Hair Washing Basins

At Gratefully Made Designs LLC, we understand that everyone is deserving of a basic level of dignity and respect. This includes being able to access personal grooming and taking pride in their appearance. We understood that this is not easy for some individuals, such as those with physical challenges, so we set out to fill that need by helping those people.  

The result is hair washing basins that are very convenient and easy to use. These basins are assisted washing aids that allow individuals to wash the hair of anyone who requires special assistance. We designed the product to be a complete package suitable for every aspect of washing someone’s hair. Each bundle includes the inflatable shampoo basin, drainage hose, 2.5-gallon shower bag and sprayer, hand pump, and a mesh drawstring bag for storage.

A Washbasin for Everyone

Our washbasins aren’t just for people who find it challenging to wash their hair; they are perfect for individuals who can’t or don’t want to clean their hair in the tub or shower. In some cases, this may be personal preference or a matter of habit, and in others, it may be because their hair requires special treatment.

For people who have grown their hair into dreadlocks, our inflatable washbasins are perfect for a dreadlock detox. Dreadlock cleaning requires special processes, and people with this hairstyle often prefer washing it separately than during their time in the bathtub or shower. Since the products used to detox dreadlocks are different from standard shampoos and conditioners, using a separate basin is a good idea.

Caring for your hair should be a pleasure, and our washbasins allow individuals to luxuriate in a soothing experience. Instead of putting off necessary sanitary routines, people feel free to enjoy a clean head of hair without the hassle.

If you have any questions about our products, want to learn more, or wish to place an order, please reach out to us. We’d love to be a part of supporting your hair care routine.

Designing Better Care

Our founder is a nurse and called upon her medical expertise and experience in helping individuals with disabilities. She saw there was a need for this type of product and decided to help by designing one. The result is this hair washing aid for bedridden patients and others who have unconventional washing needs. Our products are created with thought and compassion to bringing care to those most in need.