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About Gratefully Made Designs LLC and Our Hair Basin in Cleveland, OH

Everyone deserves to have access to personal grooming. At Gratefully Made Designs LLC, we understand that some people, such as those with physical limitations, will find this difficult. That is why we have set out to meet that need by assisting those people. We have designed an excellent hair basin for Cleveland, OH, residents.

Our basins are very convenient and easy to use. With the help of our product, people can wash the hair of anyone who needs extra help. We created the product as a complete package appropriate for washing someone's hair, and each bundle comes with the following items:

  • 2.5-Gallon Shower Bag
  • Sprayer
  • Hand Pump
  • Inflatable Shampoo Basin
  • Drainage Hose
  • Mesh Drawstring Bag for Storage

Convenient, Easy-to-Use Hair Basins for Everyone

Aside from those who find it difficult to wash their hair, our washbasins are also ideal for people who can't or don't want to wash their hair in the tub or shower. Some people may do this out of habit or personal desire, while others may need to care for their hair differently.

Our inflatable washbasins are excellent for a dreadlock detox for people whose hair has grown into dreadlocks. People with this hairstyle frequently prefer washing it separately rather than in the bathtub or shower because dreadlocks require unique cleaning procedures. Using a separate basin is a good idea because the ingredients used to detox dreadlocks are distinct from regular shampoos and conditioners.

Hair care should be enjoyable. That is why we designed our washbasins to enable people to indulge in a relaxing experience. With our products, people are sure to enjoy a clean head of hair without trouble instead of delaying required hygiene activities.

Designed for Better Care

The founder of Gratefully Made Designs LLC is a nurse who drew on her training in medicine and experience working with people with impairments. She chose to create such a product because she recognized the demand for it. This resulted in the creation of an efficient hair basin for bedridden patients and other people with unusual washing demands. Our products are designed with care and compassion to help people most in need of care.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our personal care products company or to order an item. We’d love to be a part of supporting your hair care routine.