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Versatile Assisted Washing Aids in Cleveland, OH

Grooming is a basic necessity to help you maintain your overall appearance and health. However, some people are unable to perform specific grooming tasks because of mobility issues. At Gratefully Made Designs LLC, we offer assisted washing aids in Cleveland, OH, to help you stay attractive and clean. We sell usable products such as an inflatable shampoo basin that makes it easy for you to wash the hair of an elderly or disabled person. Our owner, who is a nurse, understands the importance of ongoing grooming and recommends our products because she has used them. Contact our personal care products company to learn more.

NURSE KATE Portable Shampoo Basin

Makes an excellent gift for:

Mother's Day
Father's Day
Grandparent's Day
Valentines Day
Sweetest Day

Basin Shower Bag

Shampoo Basin with Pillow
2 1/2 gal Shower Bag
Hand Held Water Sprayer


Shampoo Basin with Pillow

Pump and Basin

How to Inflate the Basin


Hand Held Sprayer


Non-kinking Drainage Hose


Hand held Pump for Basin

Shampoo Basin and Shower Bag

Terry in Basin Smiling Water Sprayer on

Terry in Basin Smiling Water Sprayer on

Free mesh bag for
equipment storage

Satisfy your clients', patients', or loved ones' basic grooming needs.
(419) 515-6334


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(419) 515-6334

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