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FAQs About Our Assistive Technology for the Elderly in Cleveland, OH

Gratefully Made Designs LLC is proud to offer unique products that make life easier for people with limited mobility and their caregivers. Our signature assistive technology for the elderly in Cleveland, OH, is our inflatable shampoo basin that makes grooming simpler and more comfortable. Read on to learn about this popular item, and contact our personal care products company with any additional questions.

How does the inflatable shampoo basin make grooming easier?

Some people struggle to stand or even sit upright, which makes washing their hair difficult. With our inflatable shampoo basin, you can set up a comfortable hair-washing station virtually anywhere. The basin cushions the head while the person reclines and includes a complete small-scale showering system.

Who can benefit from the inflatable shampoo basin?

While we created this assistive technology for elderly clients, it is also great for anyone experiencing mobility issues due to illness, injury, or surgery. Plus, it is also an important aid for caregivers who help with grooming or even hairdressers who make house calls.

Is the shampoo basin easy to inflate?

The basin kit comes with an easy-to-use pump. You can inflate the basin in just minutes using the pump, use it, and then deflate it for storage until next time.